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Justin Hardin

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  • I purchased this and can't grok how to use it yet. The example code isn't an arduino sketch and looks like it might be the demo code mentioned in the product description? Not sure what to do with it. While I can hook up a 3.3V FTDI basic to this eval board I'm not sure what to do next? When I connect a terminal to this port at 38400bps should it just be printing out temps? Would love to be pointed in the right direction! Thanks in advance for any help!

    UPDATE Super easy, connect 3.3v / GND, Arduino pin A5 to SCL and A4 to SDA, and follow the instructions a bildr.org (basically, download the I2CMaster library and upload the .pde sketch, and connect your terminal at 9600b and start pointing the sensor at different temperatures!).

  • Question: I purchased a 5V LCD but have since decided I'd really like my next project running at 3.3V. Is there an easy-ish way to convert this to run on a 3.3V circuit? I'm assuming the SMD resistors on the back are chosen for both logic level and LED forward voltage for 5V. I can always buy another board or a step-up break-out, but thought it was worth asking the community if changing the voltage on these boards is easy?

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