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  • Is it possible to use this as a USB host for mass storage devices?

  • There is another one similar to this but cheaper called a netduino. Sparkfun should get it !!!

  • While i do like the tamiya plate and tracks if you just want a basic robot chassis pololu offers a pretty good one with tracks and motors and gearbox all done. and its all cheaper in the end.

  • while that might be possible the payload required for a workable IED payload is far to large for most uavs designed on this site. Further the equipment for a succesful uav would be difficult and expensive to obtain.

  • Does anybody know if this board can accept an unregulated voltage input and which pin? There is a 5v pin but no others????

  • Just an interesting thought, are they all the ICs actually the same because I was reading about how Chinese workers (read slaves) remove all sorts of electronic components from old computer and other boards for reuse etc.
    Could this be a case of a whole bunch of this particular package ICs being re branded and sold off?

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