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  • $2499.50 later: "They're moving in herds ... they do move in herds..." Spared no expense ! :)

  • I'm with you, Nate. I worked in an Engineering dept. for 10 years developing quality consumer electronics, and it's disheartening to see a competitor steal a product design and have it manufactured at sub-par quality at a cheaper price. It hurts the company who paid to engineer, develop, and support quality hardware when another company 'stands on the shoulders of giants' to duplicate an idea and drag it through the mud. Sure it drives innovation and offers lower cost versions to the market, but copycat products are very often a let-down, break or underperform, and cause market confusion. I see both sides, and the law is messy, but in this case I think I side with Fluke who strives to make the best product and doesn't want their good name tarnished by inferior look-alike copies. A gray line, indeed.

  • Am I the only one bothered by this "Squirrel Cage" terminology? C'mon, Sparkfun - you're better than this. How about "impeller blower fan" or "ducted centrifugal blower fan"? :)

  • I agree about felt squares or rubber feet or something for the bottom, but I can grab them from my local hardware store. One caution to any of you using the discontinued Sparkfun Ethernet Pro board (Arduino + Ethernet chipset & jack in one board) the RJ45 Ethernet jack is oriented such that the cable cannot be removed easily when mounted to this - the tab can't be accessed by hand; you'll need to use a tool of some kind. Hey Sparkfun, it's not a bug - it's a feature, right? ;) 'Secures' your Ethernet cable from unintentional removal? (or intentional, in my case) HA!

  • I just got it working this morning. Downloaded the new Arduino IDE v1.0, selected the "Arduino Uno" board type, and loaded something. Works! A Sparkfun tech also Emailed their 'test sketch' which is very likely on your board if you never successfully programmed it. (Email me if you'd like a copy) By default, it wants to pull up as looking for a Gateway of I pinged that address, and it replied. The sketch will display a diagnostic HTML web page if you point your browser to it's IP address, telling you the high-low state of all the board's digital pins, and the analog values on each of the analog pins. A nice demo. Now that the Ethernet library can do DHCP, my recommendation is for Sparkfun to rewrite their sketch and provide all new units with a demo pre-loaded, and to provide the sketch as a demo right on this page. We'll see if they do!

  • Sold. Thanks, Mike!

  • Can I argue that the datasheet says 2.5V to 16V in? Not 3.5V to 16V...
    I'd love to hear someone confirm that you can feed higher volate into this board - I have an automotive application, and would like to bypass the process of separately regulating 12V down to 3.3V for this. I can just provide a 12V input to this board if I apply it at the battery connector, and not the other 3.3V labeled hole, correct? Anyone able to confirm?

  • Got mine yesterday! This appears to be pre-loaded with a test program of some kind? I'd love to understand what it can do out-of-the box. Partly because I CANNOT PROGRAM IT!
    I'm having the same trouble as this user: http://arduino.cc/forum/index.php/topic,66261.0.html
    There is an uploading error: "avrdude: stk500_recv(): programmer is not responding"
    See that forum link for more detail.

  • I received my USB Host Shield this weekend, and I can confirm this comment. Now the question is whether or not the PCB layout should change to match Oleg's code, or if we should all just 'deal with it.' I sure wasted a lot of time wondering what the heck was wrong with my board! It seems that if Sparkfun is going to link off to his code, that the board would at least be compatible...

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