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  • Product DEV-12081 | about 4 months ago

    Unfortunately, no. I’m just using the MPL temperature, since it seems to agree with other thermometers.

  • News - Teardown: Nest Protect | about 4 months ago

    It is a snowflake invaders mini-game! H & L for left/right, and space to shoot

  • Product DEV-12081 | about 4 months ago

    I’m using this shield with the freetronics EtherTen Aurdino clone and it came right up using the provided libraries. I have noticed that the HTU21D always reads 1°C higher than the MPL3115A2, and both seem to read a bit warm. I guess I need to calibrate them and adjust the readings in software…

    For anybody else using this with the EtherTen, you can cut out a slot in the weather shield where the RJ45 jack protrudes. This cuts the traces to the dedicated I2C pins (for R3 arduinos) and the serial wires (for GPS). You don’t need the I2C pins with the EtherTen, and if you need to use GPS, you can add the serial lines back with a couple wires. This allows the weather shield to seat onto the EtherTen without extra spacers. The only negative is that it places the sensors about 1cm closer to the warm chips on the EtherTen. Also, it voids your warranty and removes the SparkFun logo, so I guess those are negatives too ;)

  • Product COM-11966 | about 8 months ago

    These look great - I’m going to have to order some to play around with… How much travel do these have, and do the have a tactile click when they engage?

    It would be great if you made an RGB LED version of this.

    Also, it would be very cool if the metal button cap had an electrical connection so you could use a capacitive switching circuit to get two levels of switching in a single switch (kind of like cameras that use a light press to focus, and a full press for the shutter).

  • Product SEN-11651 | about a year ago

    It can’t store more than 20 users at a time, but because you can upload and download templates, you can store the templates yourself and just upload them as needed. You could have the device scan the current user and then send you the template. You could then upload groups of 20 users and have the device compare to see if there is a match in that group. Repeat as needed.

    I suspect this would be quite slow, though.

    If you can figure out how to compare the templates yourself, you could just maintain the database of user templates elsewhere (e.g., in an Arduino) and do the matching yourself.

  • Product CAB-11580 | about a year ago

    This appears not to be shielded, looking at the closeup and the pinout diagram. Or is the ground wire tied to a shield that just doesn’t show well on the closeup? Can anyone confirm?

  • Product PRT-11366 | about 2 years ago

    Surfing the manufacturers website reveals that the material for the base and lid is high-impact ABS. It is IP65 rated, but no mention of UV inhibitors. It also says the screws are Stainless Steel and the inserts are brass, so that is at least hopeful for outdoor use. The gasket is apparently silicon, though I suspect they mean silicone ;)

    The manufacturer’s page is http://www.everestcase.com/pw_content.asp?showid=100

  • Product PRT-11366 | about 2 years ago

    Nice enclosure, especially for the price. I’ll definitely grab some of these for home automation projects.

    It looks like the top surface has a recess for a decal - is a dimensioned drawing available for that?

  • Product TOL-11455 | about 2 years ago

    Sadly, these are not zip-top style resealable (and I suspect most people do not want to heat-seal their bags). Look for item “116 0225” on Amazon and you’ll see what I mean. It would be great if SFE carried these too.

  • News - New Product Friday: Seein… | about 2 years ago

    “Manual” is so yesteryear. How about ETFW where E=Edit, and W=Wiki?

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