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  • Is anyone having issues with programming these using the ftdi basic usb to rs232? I seem to be having a timing issue where it seems to reset as it is supposed to and all the right lights flash like the board is OK but... I get 'stk500_recv() programmer is not responding' errors. I have soldered and resoldered. I looped the ftdi basic and verified that it works. I re-checked everything twice. I've tried every conceivable combination of baud rate. I even removed the DTR and tried to manually time the reset like a crazed lunatic hitting the button and trying to "catch" the timing by hand.

    I came across this: from over a year ago and am wondering if replacing the bootloader is my huckleberry or if this is from a previous revision only?

  • Some assembly instructions and a schematic for the work area would be nice.

    It isn't difficult to figure out but having to get a magnifying glass and follow the little path from ground to determine orientation for the LED combined with having to test a little before being able to infer that the tiny (-) signs indicate continuity was disappointing.

    I spent $15 so I could get right to making something quickly. This kit falls short by a single, short paragraph of text.

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