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  • ok the more i search this site the of my questions get answered! i’m learning alot today

  • so when you used this connected to a microcontroller , i take it you had to then adapt a serial port? did you have a 5v source at your microcontroller? i’m hoping to use this to scan an item(s) then also attach 5 other values to that item via the controller.

  • i would like to use this to test volts (30 vdc) and short circuit amps (8 Is) of a power source(s).
    i guess i would need to insert a resistor or a dummy load in the circuit to be tested.
    Am I on the right track? and what sort of a load would i need so as to not alter the true vdc and Is. I’m no electronics whizz obviously, so advice is paramount!
    This site has been very educational already for a novice like me, thank you.

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