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  • Any news on when you'll have more of these?

  • I've spent some time reading over the comments - plenty of venom, plenty of defense - but here's my beef. The allure of Free Day was great - up to $100 in free stuff (though I don't think many people were actually expecting to see a full $100 - if you were, that's your own dumb fault). And it needed to be great if SparkFun was going to test their servers.
    Of course, in this economy, there are precious few ways to generate extra personal revenue, so I spent hours studying (I'm no electronics expert, for sure), made myself available for a good chunk of the middle of the day, and spent the better part of two hours pressing the refresh button (after the first few minutes, I also participated while actually doing my job, as well).
    I tried answering the same question about four times - with the right answer, I might add - but it never registered. And then all of a sudden Free Day was over. :-(
    So the deal was, help us (SparkFun) test our servers and we'll give you (me) some token free stuff. I was down for that. But I didn't get any free stuff. At all. After two hours of effort, plus the studying, plus the free advertising I gave the website when I told my friends about it in an effort to get our casual robot-building team (hobby, not competitive) an opportunity for some free stuff. I'm not disappointed I didn't get $100 - that was totally unrealistic - but I AM disappointed I didn't even get $10, especially for answering the same !@#$%^& question CORRECTLY four stinking times.
    So what am I going to do about it? Well, not a whole lot, I suppose. I'll probably do a bit more shopping around now than I would have done in the past. (High brightness LEDs? Well, you were on my SparkFun list with Free Day money, but now I'll just get you on that internet auction site, I suppose.) I kinda just wish it was a bit more fair. :-/ SparkFun, you haven't lost me as a customer, but I guess I feel a little jaded now. I hope you learned a lot about your servers.

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