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  • I was interested in looking into ways to control the brightness of EL wire. After realizing that I could not PWM the triacs on the EL Escudo Dos, and then looking at the data sheet for this device it seemed pretty clear that by modulating the input voltage, I could control the AC output voltage and thus the brightness of the wire. Worked great with the bench supply. However, I now find myself trying to figure out the best way to get from the PWM output on a 3V Arduino to analog control of the voltage on the input of the inverter. Given that the inverter is a bit of a load, does anyone have any suggestions on how I could approach this? (Its too much power for an RC filter and an opamp, as the peak draw is a couple of Watts.)

  • So I just got this, and some EL panel. I threw two batteries in it and tried connecting the panel. There was a moment in which a little glow came from the panel, and then dark. Sniff, Sniff? The smell of dead circuit. Did I: a) do something foolish and not understand how I was supposed to use this gadget, or b) get a unit which was somehow faulty. Anyone?

  • I am very sad. I wanted one of these phones for so long, and when I finally got one, my phone can't discover it. My phone is an HTC Thunderbolt. My lady's Droid Bionic has no trouble finding it. Is there any hope for me to connect if my phone does not find the Bluetooth phone when told to discover new devices?

  • (correction, dated 6-3-2009)

  • So I just bought the kit, and thought I'd put this guy together - but the board I got does not match the board in the pictures very well at all. Notably, there seems to be nowhere for the 47uF cap to go. Without that cap, the voltage at the cathode of the Shottky diode is about 3v. The Atmega328 should sun at this voltage... but is this correct? This is a long way from what is written in the tutorial above. Can anyone clarify?
    (PS The board I have is red, and dated 6-23-2009)

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