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  • Yes the book which comes with this is excellent as is the support on the Parallax forums web site. Several software and electrical engineers over there answering questions and well as many quite knowledgeable people.
    I’ve taught several people, who have never done any programming before, how to do some simple programming with the Basic Stamp. I put up a simple blink LED’s program, then in 10 or 15 minutes, they were modifying the program to blink the LED’s at different rates.
    One guy was adding LED’s and adding additional programming after about an hour of fiddling with my program.
    Parallax provides sample programs for everything as well, more on their forums, and you can always ask for help. See the BASIC Stamp category in their forums…
    Anyway I recommend the Basic Stamp as the best starting point to learn to program microcontrollers. Then you can more easily move to other microcontrollers from there.

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