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  • Nope, nice idea, but the circuit isn't constructed that way.

    The switch effectively sends a signal to the regulator (via a changing resistance) to tell it what output voltage to produce. Putting a header on the switch would not give you access to two outputs.

  • I'm not seeing some pieces information that would be really useful to have before buying:

    • Input voltage range (based on regulator dropout and reasonable current limit)
    • Compatible wall-warts from sparkfun
    • Current limit for board (considering LM317 w/ no heat sink)
  • Would be nice if the description mentioned the exact name of the part in the Eagle library. I can't figure out a way to match them other than by looking at the part footprint to make sure it's the same. Any better suggestions?

  • Yes! Definitely needs 4 FETS.
    I had a miserable time with this thing because the voltage divider line may only work with devices that do not have RX lines pulled up!

  • Is the charge rate 500mA? Not sure 500mA/hr actually means anything...

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