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  • Four Points if you want to use El Escudo with an Arduino. If you take 30 seconds to read this post, you'll save yourself a week or two of headaches (I hope).

    1) You need to buy header pins when you buy El Escudo. Three sets of these will do the trick: http://www.sparkfun.com/products/10527

    2) When you solder in the header pins, don't include a pin for the Vin via on the El Escudo. Instead, wire a jumper wire from the Vin via to the +3.3v via/header on El Escudo (so you only get 3.3v on the El Escudo board). The El Escudo board routes Vin to the Raw Voltage for the inverter. USB power is 5v and that gets routed to Vin on arduino boards. If you don't make this mod, and you connect your arduino to USB, you'll fry your inverters. I learned this the hard way.

    3) When you connect your inverters to the El Escudo board, connector with one red wire and one black wire plugs into the "Raw Voltage" port. The connector with two black wires plugs into the Inverter Output port.

    4) The El Escudo example library on GitHub won't work with Arduino 1.0, and it has an error in the code to turn on the EL panels. I made a couple of mods to the code to fix these issues. You can find the updated code here: https://github.com/pkrakow/EL-Escudo

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