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  • Yeah, try explaining that to the trigger-happy airport cop who thinks your little gizmo is a bomb...

  • You should probably check the local laws before you go. Devices like GPSes and Geiger counters are restricted in some countries and may even be considered tools of espionage. Plus, remember that you'll have to explain it at customs, and US customs sometimes has their own radiation detectors to catch nuclear terrorists. Just do your research before you go, that's all I'm saying.

  • I tried the suggested code and the change in line 58 to "long ut= bmp085_read_ut();", but results are still strange. I got 272 for the temperature, and 99615
    for pressure (that could be true, but I'm not sure). Can anyone with working code post a link. Would be much appreciated. Thanks!

  • Does anyone have Arduino code for this that works? I've tried several versions from different spots on the Internet and always get unusable results. As far as I can tell, the problem is that the Arduino doesn't have a "short" variable type (-127 to 127), which is required for reading the registers. I may be wrong, but I'm definitely spinning my wheels. Thanks!

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