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Eric Cox

Member Since: May 2, 2010

Country: United States

  • I love you, Sparkfun, so I gotta be honest with you: for me, this board is a fail. Without flow control, there's no way I could build this into my product. I started coding a NetMF library for this display only to realize that I could not reliably control the unit without slowing down the baud rate to 9600 and putting huge delays between sequential writes, or clearing the screen every few seconds and re-writing the screen so the user didn't notice the garbage pixels that appear all the time. Neither choice is adequate. The worst part is, occasionally the unit will misinterpret one of my commands as LCD Brightness, and then you can't see the screen.

    I think if you re-worked this board to add flow control or use SPI (my preference), you could sell a lot more of them. But as it stands, I will have to look around for a LCD that supports SPI directly, or a module that supports SPI or Uart+Flow control.

  • Years ago it used to be a problem - usually the switcher wouldn't start if there wasn't a minimum load. But I haven't seen a PSU with this problem in at least 4 years.

  • The data sheet is pretty thorough, but there is one dimension missing: the outside radius or diameter of the screw-receptacle pylons in the corners. These structures determine part of the shape of the edge of the board so they are needed (if using all of the internal space).
    Can someone there do us a big favor and measure and post them? It could someone get their board design done without waiting for a sample. (Note that the alternate corners are different inside dimensions, so there are likely two different measurements)

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