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  • I see you, Firefly

  • you could potentially reflow the devices and try to get the solder balls to re-wet, but since they use lead-free solder, it’s unlikely that they will form one ball. At manufacturing, oxide layers can build up on the solder balls. Out solution was to change the heating profile and use Nitrogen in the oven to reduce oxidation. or something like that - I’m not a chemist.

  • The difficulty with such a manufacturing failure is you don’t exhaust resources to try and design fail-safes for unforeseen failure modes, you do the best you can at low volumes to make your yield as high as possible. Head-in-pillow is an incredibly difficult problem to find, and an incredibly difficult problem to completely fix. The best we can do is AT LEAST run a system check to make sure all your peripherals respond, and if something doesn’t, throw an error or blink an LED code. It’s much more helpful than just having the thing not turn on at all.

  • I have a bit of insight on the RROD xbox failures. It was most likely due to poor solder quality on the BGA device, a phenomenon known as head-in-pillow, where the solder balls do not wet properly into the pads and you get two separate snowman-like solder balls that are electrically connected until heated or shocked where they break apart and will intermittently fail. Credibility: I’m a test engineer, and I had to deal with this manufacturing defect in a product last year.

  • probably not. there are a lot of similar concepts I’m stealing from that site, and video games like Halo, but hardware-wise I’m hoping to just develop one board + screen that you can solder into a stock LTTO gun, then download an arduino sketch and that’s it.

  • I’m working on a laser tag hack, using Hasbro’s Lazer Tag Team Ops guns. I bought a bunch on ebay for cheap and have started capturing and deciphering the codes. In parallel, I’m developing my own main board and screen to replace the gun’s main board and screen so that I can write my own game rules. It will be based on the Teensy 3.1.

  • does anyone at sparkfun not have a beard?

  • If ever there is a lite week for product posts again, you must compensate with more cinematography. More angles, more cuts, panning, zooming, focusing, wide shots, narrow shots, close-ups, far-downs, explosions, celebrity cameos, fish-eye lenses, solar flare, explosions, green screen landscapes, negative strobe effects, orchestral score, and credits. THAT is how you get an Oscar.

  • instructions unclear, but look I made a robot

  • To extend Moore’s law indefinitely, we at Sparkfun have perfected 3D IC device fabrication, thus allowing us layer cpu cores for maximum space efficiency.

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