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  • Could you explain what this H3LIS331DL parameter actually does:

    setIntThreshold(threshold, intSource) - threshold is the absolute magnitude above or below which an interrupt will occur, divided by 16. It can range from 0-127. It can range from 0-127. intSource is 1 or 2. I understand the intSource but can't figure out what the threshold is used for and what it should be set at?

  • Hi ..wondering if this sensor would be best to use to detect smoke and how much smoke would be required to sense it?

    if not do you have any suggestions on what would work?


  • Great Sensor, the data sheet indicates 50 mV/g, am I reading this right, can I determine number of G's from this sensor by using 50 mV per G? Of course I have added the 1 Meg. resistor to get it down to DC Compatibility.

  • What is the best way to rewire in Parallel for the product... before I tear this baby apart?

  • Wondering if someone could tell me should the force be applied towards the arrow on the silkscreen or with the arrow?

  • A question I have is ... if I took a 2" x 2" piece of this material and poked a hole in the material would I see resistance change that could be measured by a ADC?


  • I have a question about programming this board. I don't want to do it wirelessly but I do have a FTDI Basic Breakout - 3.3V board. Looking at the scheme it appears that I would connect the FTDI directly to the following 6 inputs. GRN/AREF/VCC/RXI/TXO/DTR.

    Can anyone tell me if that is correct?

  • Hi .. is there a way to drop this to around 300ma without having to change out a smd compoment? Like maybe add an inline resistor?

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