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  • For all the critics, i actually have one.
    after some initial messing around with firmware (i have the usbizi, which is internally the same thing) everything works like a charm.
    (keep a copy of the whole thing! firmware and compiler, this is different from using gcc or such, they have to match.)
    Don’t give me ‘blinking leds is easier with avr’. this is only true if you know what you are doing already. The debugging in C# is perfect, and the lib’s for string manipulation, usb etc etc are also perfect. getting debugging to work for avr with eclipse was a disaster compared to this. so for projects that arent too time critical i like it a lot.
    my only problem is that it uses c#, which i simply don’t know to well. for c i have an excellent side-kick i can rely on.
    so to conclude, i actually bought a stm32 board to be able to develop in ansi C, but i will use this board to get into c# and see how the community develops.
    hope this is of any use for anyone:)

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