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  • This does more than just read the accelrometer. There is the DMP wich is accessed thrugh the DMP reserved registers of the imu3000.
    If you sign in at the product web and look through there documentation they also provide a MPL (motion processor library).

  • I have been flying a lassen iq gps in a few rockets this spring.
    The rocket last rocket just went 32,363ft at 1,300+mph
    My problem is with the altitude and velocity the lassen does not catch up until the rocket is already comming down.
    This has also held true for lower and slower flights to 500ft.
    What is out there that would work better? I understand that nothing may not be perfect but maybe something better?

  • I have just completed a project where I launched 2 different accelrometers a MMA2300 and ADXL78 in two diffeent rockets. A 3in dia 6ft rocket to 2900ft and 4in dia 9ft rocket to 4000 ft. Flight data and launch pics here:
    This is in preperation for the payload of a high altitude rocket. Max ltitude will be 42000 ft reaching mach 2.8.
    The payload consits of 2 sections tracking and data logging. The tracking is a Lassen IQ connected to a Xtend radio. For data logging I am sampling baro, 2 axis accel, and an ADXL 78 accel. This data is all stored to SD.
    The rockets airfrme is 98% complete and the motor is 100% complete. The plan was to launch this fall but this might be pushed back a little.
    In the current fleet I do have a rockets capable of lifting a 1 pound payload to just under 7000 ft.
    If anybody wants more info or pics send me an email mikewhorley15@yahoo.com

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