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  • Got the device to connect with a pc as a keyboard but no keystrokes get to an app i.e. notepad. Using HID raw reports. but no keystrokes at PC end. Any ideas about what might be happening.

  • You configure the module by putting it into command mode and sending ASCII commands over a serial port or the Bluetooth link. Once you change the configuration parameters, "they persist until changed or you perform a factory reset". You enter command mode by opening a terminal emulator and sending the string $$$ to the module. You can connect to the module remotely over Bluetooth or via a computer. When you send $$$ the module returns CMD, indicating that it is in command mode.

    Once put into keyboard hid mode I thought that was it. - PC host recognizes modem as keyboard. (My problem no key strokes get though to apps)

  • What is pin 7 connected to and why do you bring it low? (in the lib object creation). How do you load the program while using Serial port for the modem output? Also How does this lib compile when it uses Serial1.write but the SoftwareSerial object is not declared? (Unless it is a mega)

  • Here is a little (lame) circuit diagram for this board. circuit diagram

  • I need 3.3Volts off the pro also for a peripheral display. The Schematic shows the 3.3V pulled to VCC at 5 ??? - Most Megas at 5V have both 5 and 3.3. Can you just put a Voltage divider at the one of the vcc pins ?

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