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  • Hmm, I wasn't so sure whether this would be a license violation. My informal understanding was that copyright only applies to design files (and one or two other things, like "mask works"). In this case a PCB layout isn't even being copied, only possibly part of a circuit schematic, so copyright wouldn't apply. The relevant IP legal framework would be patent protection, either on the high resistance touch technology (did Makey Makey pioneer this?) or it's application to user interaction or musical experimentation (AFAIK Makey Makey did popularize this use case, though there might have been prior art).

    I think it's very likely that this product is conceptually and in spirit a derivative work of the Makey Makey, and for educational and all kinds of other reasons it should be open hardware.

    I would be curious to hear from the Makey Makey folks; is it possible they were consulted or even collaborated on this product?

    EDIT TO ADD: noting that Alicia never claimed this was a license violation, just that it "should" be open hardware.

  • In the Boston area, You Do It Electronics: http://www.youdoitelectronics.com/

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