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  • Thanks for the reply Single T, I'm trying to change the baud rate right now and I guess I just don't understand how the interface is supposed to work.
    I've tested the openlog with the Arduino and it logs data very nicely that I can access on the SD card. However, I was under the impression that, upon being powered up,the openlog would create a config.txt file on the SD card that I can edit to change the settings.
    Am I wrong? Am I missing a step? Why might there be no config file on my sd card?
    Thanks again!

  • I've got a wiring question about the openlog unit I just ordered and received. I currently have a daq unit set up to receive data from a few instruments and send it on request as a serial data stream via a usb connection on a com port I manage with a basic hyperterminal-like program (only in windows 7).
    What I'd like to do, is initiate the daq unit's serial data stream from the instruments by laptop and have openlog record the data to SD while I leave the whole unit unattended for a couple days.
    what I'm wondering is if I can just clip the signal wire between the daq unit and the usb terminal and solder the open log in at that point and let it run (assuming I've wired up the vcc and gnd too).
    Will that work? also, will my data "flow through" the openlog and be able to still be accessed by usb too? I'd rather not have to interface with the openlog if I don't have to and I have very little experience with electronics or programing.
    thanks for your help,

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