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  • Also it seems that if you are powering it with a USB cable from your laptop, you will need to divide the voltage to below 3.3V, since the input pins cannot handle 5 volts, which is what the laptop will provide. This is probably what is making the chip hot.

  • How to get NRF into bootloader mode: Press 06 button then reset button and hold both down for at least 5 seconds. Release the reset button while still holding the 06 button and wait until both LEDs flash (this may take up to about 15 seconds). The red LED should turn back on and the blue LED should start blinking. The board should now be in bootloader mode. This seems to be a fairly relaible way. I have unplugged it from the USB cable multiple times and have been able to do it again. If it seems like it was not working I would unplug and replugh and repeat the process, but it seemed like a rare occasion when I had to do that.

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