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  • I am a little bit confused by the "range" characteristic on this product page : "Range: 0-40m Laser Emitter", while the range specified in the manufacturer datasheet it is 40m for the Led/Pin model and 60m for the Laser/Pin model ... Anyway, thanks for this nice new product :)

  • assuming your Lipo cell is at least 400mA capable, yes you'd be safe. (do not exceed 2C of discharge rate)
    I'm currently using this converter to power a stack of arduino & shields for a total of 620mA @ 5V and I'm using a 2000mA 3.7V lipo cell.
    And there's no signs of overheat or unstability on the converter.

  • Great ! Thanks :)

  • Hi guys,
    I'm having some troubles with my OpenLog.
    Here's the setup:
    OpenLog FW:2.21
    PC -> FTDI basic breakout -> OpenLog.
    2Go micro-SD formated FAT32, with only 2 files : config.txt and settings.txt (406 bytes long).
    I open a terminal app (TeraTerm) on COM3, 9600,8N1.
    I can read both files with the read command.
    But, if I first try to get the size of a file (ex. "size settings.txt"), and then try to read the same file (with or without any parameter), it ends with an error to open the file... ;(
    Then, I have to switch off and on the OpenLog to be able to read a file again... the "init" command doesn't change anything.
    Any idea ?
    P.S: I tried to restore FW 1.61, but each time avrdude says everything is ok, but I get the blue led dimmed (like pwm'ed at ~20%), and no communication at all ...

  • I just received my ?LCD-32PT, and I confirm, it works perfectly with the SFE 5V FTDI basic breakout board. It's not directly plug&play as the pinout is different, but once you've made a simple connector adapter, it's perfect !
    That little screen is amazing ! it combines in one item a screen, a quite powerfull MCU and a touch panel ! wow ! Simply add an Xbee, and you get the base of a perfect home automation system...

  • Well ... a bit disapointed ... When I read on their website few days ago that they were cooking something new, I was hoping for the use of an other UC with more flash/sram capacity... 2k of sram is really short ! currently, I always have to put a lot of data in progmem zone...
    I'll try the new MEGA, but it's bigger and I don't need the extra I/Os.

  • but, SFE is already carrying the ?USB-MB5, check : sku DEV-08531, and the ?USB-CE5 : sku BOB-08551 (out of stock).

  • I think you can use the SFE FTDI basic breakout 5V.
    The COM port is configurable in the "PmmC-Loader" software tool, and the "4DGL-Workshop IDE", meaning that those software are not using a specific driver, and thus an FT232 based adapter with DTR out should do the job.
    The LCD is 5V powered and the I/O are 5V tolerant.

  • Ok, I found where the problems came from ...
    I'm using the "xbee explorer regulated" board, but I forgot to bypass the 5V->3.3V regulator, so the 3.3V from the step-up converter was not sufficient to power correctly the regulator, and the system was unstable ...
    Now, it works great with any type cell from 1 to 3V.
    Cool ;)

  • I'm having some troubles with this module.
    I'm using it to power a 2mw xbee module.
    When using a single 1,5v cell, it's working great, but if instead I use a (fresh) 3.0v cr123 cell, the xbee module behave differently, and does not associate with the xbee coordinator (associate led stays fixed on)..
    Very weird, as output voltage of the converter is 3.3v in both cases ...
    Any ideas ???

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