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  • When I was at ISEF 2 years back with a student one of the other projects from some country around Russia (I forget which one specifically) was a 3D x-ray machine. They had used an arduino to control a stepper motor that would rotate a platform in an lead box (they had poured the lead themselves and shipped it to LA with them...) that was between a standard point and shoot digital camera and an x-ray tube from an old dental x-ray machine. I have no idea if it is legal to purchase an x-ray tube from old dental equipment (or scavenge one???) in the US, but it was pretty sweet. The student who made it was I think 16? I would think it would be a very doable project...Just saying.

  • Odd how well Sparkfun can read my mind. I was just talking to my boss about making something to control her office heat pump so that it can be turned on before anyone gets to the building so that the room is nice and warm when people arrive. Great explanation to how this all works! Are you going to put a IR Shark tutorial up?

  • Couldn't you do a single tone (say frequency of 500Hz) that plays for 3 seconds. Then its up to the person entering to have to listen for that frequency. Or perhaps an IR source that flashes at a specific rate (say 1Hz until the start, then 10Hz for go. or just on for wait, off for go). Then the vehicle would just have to have a sensor aligned with your source as part of the vehicle. Could it be optional just like automated landing would be? I do agree, it would be a huge pain, but it would still be pretty slick to see someone who simply places something on the line and then picks it up after its completed it circuit!

  • What about a bonus for starting autonomously? As in you (person starting the race/timer) says go, magic happens and the vehicle starts based on your cue (no builder intervention), and you (the creator) collect fame and glory with out actually doing anything but placing it on the line and turning the power on?

  • Does anyone know if this will this work with the SPOT II receiver?

  • It was actually an AC/DC power supply. I was running at 12V because I am powering other things that need 12 volts that are then controlled by the arduino. I have since decided it is a better idea to have my own voltage regulator in the mix before the raw in. I think it was probably hooked up backwards however. Wish I had not pulled all the wires off so fast. stupid magic smoke =(

  • What are the chances of making one of these that works with PoE?

  • Well, I finally got around to using one of these tonight and I plugged it into an external 12V power supply. I must not understand what I am doing because I used the Vin and Gnd pins and when I turned on my power supply sparks and smoke exploded from what now looks like U2, R11, and maybe C19. It also burnt the connection on the bottom of the board that goes from Vin to C19. Unfortunately I unplugged wires from my power supply to the Pro before I looked to see if I had hooked them up backwards or had some wires crossed and or bridged. I don't see solder bridges or anything, and it still works fine when plugged into USB. Any ideas as to what I might have done to cause flames from the underworld to shoot forth and fry not only my retinas but components on the board as well??

  • man, this would have been nice to have a few months back. I was in Alaska doing a thermal study of the ice, used different thermochrons than the ones you listed (needed the high resolution ones). We had to keep our laptop in our parka so the LCD would not freeze as fast when we went to download the data every hour. I would be really cool to add on a feature to dump the data to an SD card or CF card. Neat project!