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  • Are there any products like this out there that will allow you to play multiple sounds at the same time? For example, toy tank with sound effects – “firing” machine gun and main cannon. Or a “sounds of nature” audio player that would randomly mix from library of birdsong, crickets, neighbour kids, etc.

  • I am interested in making something with some tiny stepper motors (taken from 3.5" floppy drives), although I have to admit that I don’t know a whole lot about motors yet. What would prevent this chip from being used to drive a small stepper? Is there something about stepper motors in general or does the size of the motor matter?

  • Yes, I would love got get a hot air station :) I just can’t justify the price for the few times I would use it. I’ll probably try my luck with either a fine tipped iron or a toaster oven and some solder paste.

  • Is it possible to hand solder these 48-pin suckers by hand? These have a finer pitch than the 28-pin ATMega328.

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