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  • Bummer, but understandable until you have built your giant glass dome… hey what about miniaturizing the whole thing??? Rules for quads not larger than 5 inches across and have the whole course inside a bullet proof lexan half dome about 10 feet high… that’s no problem right?

  • …also missing an end quote above the RROD pic.

    So, I know quadcopters are old news, but I was thinking about placing IR reflection sensors under my propellers to quickly detect the failure of prop saver rubber bands. Although now that I think about it, keeping an eye on the current would be more reliable. It’s interesting the conversations about why or why not to build in failure detection. I guess if you’re sending people into space or building medical devices you think about that kind of thing. If you’re making… whatever that stuff we buy over and over again is called… hmmm. I guess it makes more money if it breaks?

  • Actually it does work. The LED setup is a little odd to me in that you provide a ground for LED instead of an LED power pin. I’m currently wiring one of these switches to my PC power supply converted to bench supply and the way to go was to wire the green “on” wire to the + symbol, the ground to the ‘lamp’ symbol, and -12v to the LED ground. That way, when you close the switch, green gets connected to ground, and the power supply turns on and provides -12v to the LED ground and it lights up.

    So if you are going to use this as a low-side switch you will need to come up with a negative voltage to drive the LED. Question about this: is there any danger of going above 12v on the LED from the load being switched to ground “raising the ground”???

    If you are using this as a high-side switch (as obviously intended), then you simply put your load on the ‘lamp’ symbol, your positive voltage on the + symbol, and ground on the LED ground, and it should do the same thing and light up when switched on only.

  • Really like the tutorial. Protection circuit details helped me solve an issue already, and I have a better understanding of what’s going on inside the batteries. Testing info makes me feel a lot better about things I’ve done to my batteries too. Very helpful. Much appreciation for the depth of detail here. Thank you!

  • Check out the BTS555. It’s high side and can handle lots of current.

  • I’m really glad to see a product like this finally wetting it’s feet into the powerful possibilites of the GHz range. Good show.

  • How much does it weigh?

  • I think these are great!

  • I had problems with mine at first as well. After adding the pull-ups (5.1K was what I had laying around), worked like a charm ;)

  • I was successful in updating the drivers using an older pc running Windows XP. 7 wouldn’t let me use unsigned drivers. Also had to reformat my microSD. Works great!

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