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  • Hi SF! There are no Blocks containing I2S (audio codec) signals. Most often they are used with I2C so please adding I2S signals to this board or creating a new one with I2S + I2C + SPI signals.

    Alternatively or additionaly consider creating Audio Codec Block using CS42L51, CS42L52 or TLV320AIC3204 which are Low-Power versions and dosn’t require level conversion for the signal. Also these codec is supported in ALSA ASoC drivers.

  • Please add an output for the MCLK (oscillator) as well because most of the audio DAC’s require it as a system clock anyway though it’s not part of I2S specification (the ones which don’t need MCLK are for an example the older TDA1543, TDA1387T and TDA1541A DACs, and from the more recent ones the PCM51xx which containins a PLL). With other DACs there is a requirement that the bit clock and L/R clock must be synhronous to the system clock (ESS9023 is an exception and can be used asynchronously).

  • For next version please route all I2S signals to some header…

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