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  • They fit the endstop mounts used in the Mini Kossel: https://github.com/jcrocholl/kossel/blob/master/endstop.stl

    I've been using mine pretty heavily for 2 months, occasionally over-homing the carriages due to firmware issues, and they still work great.

  • $25 version, you say? This is the first I've heard of that. Can you provide any more details? If a decent FPGA existed for $25, I would snatch it up in a heartbeat!

  • Wow! I spent my $20 shortly after free day and received my parts less than a week later (including shipping time). Very impressive, and a sign that the 60 day thing is working out pretty well.

  • Yes ;-)
    (currently there are 18 in stock)

  • I'm would buy this with the PSP LCD & touch screen if this had a breakout.

  • It was very interesting to watch the money go by. After finally being able to log in at around 10:00 (I got logged out right when it began), only about $20k had been given away (and the charity funds were near 0). 40 minutes later, when I got to the first quiz question, it had probably only gone up to $40k or so. Once I finally made it to the second question, it just took off. It was at about $80k when I started question 2 and jumped to $130k in 5 minutes!
    But I'm really curious why it all sped up at around 11. Was that when most people finally gave up, leaving room for the rest of us to get through? Or was there a problem that finally got fixed then?
    Anyways, I am extremely thankful that I actually got $20. Thank you SparkFun!

  • Give it a break. I still don't know of any other company that has ever done anything like this.

  • No, you misunderstood. Those ARE machines. They just gave them nicknames.

  • Can the connections be soldered by hand? What's the pitch?

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