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  • I use RS485 for robotic systems. this allows the different boards communicate over the entire robot w/ reduced chance of noise issues. I think they should have full and half duplex.

  • Lead solder is accepted for use in population of boards for automotive, aerospace, and aviation. This is to prevent solder whiskers from developing with Lead free paste.

  • This is really cheap if you think about it... By the time you buy a 4.3 touch LCD screen, LCD controller, Graphics controller, PCB + extras. Then write all the code / library's to make it work, you will be a couple hundred in.(Your time isn't free)

    We use it for robotics and it is a really nice display with the new Visi-Genie. We used the display before w/o the Visi-Genie and it was a lot of code to make it work. (3+ weeks) With the new software we had the interface designed and implemented in a few hours. :)

  • It is RS232 TTL

  • Does it require level shifting for the I2C line? Thanks, Rick

  • Can the motor channels be used together to say control one bigger motor? did not find anything stating yes or no in the user manual.

  • At my school we have a hot air rework station. (Zefertronix i think) We have used to fix our ESC's to Xbox 360's (and build or robot communication boards now and then for our robots)

  • I use the Arduino platform to control a 60Lb combat bot...
    is that dangerous? Or is it dangerous to use a Arduino to control a 120lb combat bot with saws and a butane flame thrower.....
    (I think it adds a level of excitement to testing in the labs) lol

  • Sure it will... if you tied 8-9....thousand of them together....lol

  • If you RTFM "correctly" you will see that you need to download free software available on there website to accomplish this...and yes it works....