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  • The first rule of working at Sparkfun is don't talk about Sparkfun.

  • Any chance we can get a bigger pack of them? Or maybe a bundle of three for $5? I use these things like they're candy to a 5 year old, I order some and by lunch time they're all gone, haha.

  • Hmm does this apply to the order I placed yesterday? I think it should get a free upgrade since I keep spending so much money here. ;)

  • Umm, I'm pretty sure I was given a blank 328, I'll try and see whats on it, but it was either not programmed or dead!

  • Cool, but I already made myself one. I was looking for a Sparkfun-esk (Is that a thing?) approach to one, with a total integrated solution that breaks out only the pins you need and has some example code.
    Sigh ... looks like I'll have to break out my logic analyzer and do it myself! :P

  • Any chance of getting these back in stock? I know you use them in your own products, but these things seem to sell like hot cakes, so ordering higher quantities of them might not be a bad idea. Their way, they wont be in stock for long! ;)

  • It works, its a VERRRRRY tight fit, but it works! =]

  • Pretty please can we get a breakout board for these soon? This is an awesome (Evil, yet awesome) product! :)

  • The Pine-fresh sent sealed the deal! This is hooking up to my Flux capacitor when it arrives. Any chance of some example files and schematics? ;)

  • Can we see an official breakout board soon (With a little bit of example code) this chip is a little evil to get working, but works well and I'd rather pay a few dollars extra for a pre-assembled board and some example code. Thanks! :)

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