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    I accidentally missed the fact that this product description is out of date. As of July 2013, this is the current version of the MP3 Trigger.. It is possible others will make this mistake. I'm leaving my confusion here as a record for others.

    I am so smrt.


    The datasheet link in the product description is from 2010. The current datasheet is from 2012. Please update the links in the product description. Actually, here is the link to the version 2.53 firmware documentation for the MP3Trigger, hosted at robertsonics.com. I'm have not checked what is shipping on the boards going out (I should), but I know that this documentation was correct for my board in ways that the documentation linked in the description was not.


    The filename format has changed; in 2013 (July) you want to be naming your files NNNxxxx.MP3, where NNN are numbers, and 'xxxx' are any characters. 003-mysong.MP3 is fine. This is at odds with the 2010 datasheet, and was the source of two hours of confusion on my part.

  • Although not a direct analog to the Arduino itself, what about updating the kit in the future to use a ceramic oscillator instead of a crystal? In projects with students, I've found that it is possible to bang up a crystal enough that it goes wonky. (I don't even thing they were being that rude to the crystal, either.)<br />
    <br />
    Mind you, I'm not an electronics guru, so this might be a bad idea for some other reason. But it could eliminate a potential point of failure.

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