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  • I just wanted to chime in that while these boards are retired from sparkfun, they are not in fact retired at all. I have a max patch available on my website: i brill dot com for driving these without the need for a displayduino, using a sparkfun usb-rs485 converter and I am purchasing them regularly through mondomatrix, directly.

  • I have been struggling, trying to get the Java files to compile (os x. tiger). I have tried various methods (netbeans, terminal, via mxj objects in max/msp). Unfortunately it hasn't worked. I will keep plugging away at it. I think it may stick eventually. However, in the meantime I have a specific question:
    Once I get this running, will I be able to use this code to communicate to an arduino over usb? If so, what would I need to modify in the code? I am hoping to talk to LED board via max/msp, using their serial object. Any help at all would be really appreciated.
    It seems that the two most valuable things I can get from your code will be creating an ear within the arduino/backpack (by changing the name of the device to match my arduino) and having the java app (hopefully converted into a mxj object- whenever I finally figure this out) to interface with, adapt.
    Please let me know if this should work or if this approach seems off. I am new to this and I have already put a gross amount of time into it.

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