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  • This is all great from a macro perspective, but I want to buy a multimeter. I LIKE the meter you guys imported, but I'd LIKE it even better if I COULD buy a Fluke meter from SparkFun. Any chance of a future deal between SparkFun and Fluke where we can buy the genuine article from SparkFun?

    I'm doing ebike research and working with multi-cell LiPo packs, where accurate voltage measurements are critical. I use el-cheapo little red multimeters. They work, but I'm fearful and nervous about the accuracy, as I have two of these meters and they disagree to the tune of 0.2vdc, which is potentially a big problem with high-energy LiPo. I have other measuring equipment that shows LiPo voltage - it would be great to know that equipment is working OK by having a Fluke to compare against.

    You guys at SF well know how good Fluke equipment is. No, it's not cheap stuff, but it's accurate and solid. No one ever had to apologize or worry about accuracy of their Fluke meter.

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