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  • After some further research, the MIC level of the module is apparently 0 (command "y,1" return "00") But note that , although the MIC level returned by the module is 00 (mute), in the MIC is not mute.

    I have tried to change the MIC level trhough"HV,3" but the module interprets the command as Help ("H") not as Adjust audio level. This seems to be a bug in the module.

    To be able to use the MIC of my skype headset, I have had to build the MIC input circuit shown in the Typical Application Schematic (Fig. 2.7 of the datasheet). As a suggestion for new versions of the board it would be nice if this circuit is included in the design.

  • Can you connect PC headphones (EAR/MIC) directly to the spearker/mic PINs? I am trying to set up a call using the HFP profile with my speakerphones connected to SPK_R+ and SPK_R- for EAR and MIC_R+ and MIC_R- for MIC. I use the command "A.XXXXXXXX" to set up the call with my paired smartphone and the call is established with no issue. I can hear the input sound from the other end in my headphones; however, the output of my MIC is not transmitted to the other side. Any suggestion?

  • Hi,
    Has anyone got a Windows project/source code that does not require UNIX libraries (pthread, termios, select) to compile? I have tried to compile the examples referenced in this thread but I miss some of the libraries in my Windows installation.
    Alternatively a link to the DLL and associated header (.h) file will also be good (I cannot find them in
    Thanks for your support!

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