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Member Since: May 12, 2010

Country: United States



Semi-feral primate with more interests than time. I don’t eat birds, or mammals. I am formed from the debris of an ancient supernova explosion.


Single parent; software developer; product designer; entrepreneur and flashlightmonger.


No organization whatsoever; completely spontaneous and chaotic, in a good way.

Spoken Languages

American and British English.

Programming Languages

Java, C/C++. A smattering of perl, PHP and Cold Fusion. Pointedly LINUX and Open Source centric.


MPP, GreenPeace, PETA, SeaShepard, MAPS, ACLU and the local PTA.


Software engineering, architecture and development. Systems and Network Administration.


Sciences, backpacking, cooking, photography, bicycling, garment dying and customization, writing, music, gardening and solar power.

  • The red POWER indicator is illuminated even after the 5v power supply is removed. It can only be using power from the charged battery. What is the point of this?

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