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  • Took me a while to figure out why my Vernier sensors (using Vernier shield) weren't auto id-ing with the Blackboard. Turns out the auto id uses A4/A5 and those pins have 2.2 k pull up resistors, and this throws off the id voltages that the VernierLib uses to id a sensor. I'll need to cut the jumpers as discussed in the description.

  • I couldn't get the display to work properly with Blackboard C until I set the jumpers J3 and J4 on the display adapter to use D2/D3 for RX/TX. Use SoftwareSerial in my sketch.

  • When we cut down female headers we usually have to pull out one of the pens so we can make a clean cut. Don't throw it away. It's perfect for making 2-pin jumpers. The pin looks like a miniature tuning fork. Straddle the fork across the two pins and solder. Trim excess away after soldering.

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