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  • [In reply to Miskatonic]

    SparkFun employs a lot of people from a lot of backgrounds. We make a concerted and honest effort to be inclusive as possible.

    Honestly, did you run this by people of other faiths? Most Hindu, and Muslim believers that I work with would not see it being respectful.

    Our hiring and employment record will back this up. I, as a practicing Christian, have never seen SFE any attempt to offend anyone, this means internally or externally.

    That is why I find it so disappointing that you would now.

    I can see how this has questionable ties to a non-secular holiday, but I don’t see this as an attack or attempt to offend.

    However, it has.

    I do think, like many of our blogpost subjects, that this has a “freedom of information” quality that may live outside a western societal mid cult and I can recognize how it may have limited appeal to some.

    I do not know what this means unless it is an attempt to present a palatable reference to the bible belt.

    SFE has always tried to share information and not make to much fuss about how it’s viewed through a political, cultural or religious lens.

    Then why did you post in giant red letters “THE MARK OF THE BEAST” which is directly from the Bible. And then attempt to Mythify it (if that is a word) and to mock it.

    Our primary goal is to create smarter, happier humans with cool projects. We hope to continue this and I wish you the best on your projects.

    As far as cool projects, I have noticed that the “Friday new project post” have become virtually non-existent. After going to the site, on Saturday, I was hoping to see a cool project of something that lights up or makes a cool sound effect for me and my kids to do during the Christmas break. I have found that Adafruit has started to eclipse SFE on the cool factor. For example, SPE has not expanded its BLE line and does not offer an IMU like the BNO055 that includes motion fusion to give the Novice like me the ability to output Eulers, or Quaternions but instead highlights a fringe topic about a 20 year old $5.00 part and show it being used in humans instead of animals for which it was intended.

  • I have always been a fan of Nate and Sparkfun. I watched this company come up from 4 guys with a hot plate doing single sided boards to a multi-product force in the maker world. However, I am sad to say that I will not be visiting their site or buying products from them ever again. I find that this post being your last before Christmas is a deliberate attack on or at least a haughty disregard for Christians to be quite deliberate (at such an inappropriate time).

  • I am interested in what Nate has to say about all of this.

  • It is clever stuff like this that has always impressed me with Sparkfun. Fun engaging, useful, and potentially kid centric. After seeing how little bits excited a group of 6 year olds, I plan on getting this for my kids at home and show and tell at school. You guys rock.

  • Wow! Technology that transcends culture. Did not see that coming. I envy you all.

  • To Robert C.: pyXY - Synapse SM700 Dev Board for real I smell a game changer. Everyone has wanted this for a long time. Only missing a solar panel and whipeeee.

  • I must say that is very creative and a great use of multiple unique technologies. I would only consider a Lipoly that did not require a boost converter and could be sewn flat.

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