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  • I bought this lovely board, the gm862 module, an arduino and an external power supply for the usb eval board with a barrel(9V).
    Everything works fine when I connect usb cable - eval usb board - gm862 and run Teraterm executing AT commands.
    When I try connect eval usb board-gm862 and arduino I face some problems related with the Rx. I can’t get no response from the module although at commands run successfully. I read this very helpful post here -> but with no luck. I use external power supply for the gm862 eval board, I leave its USB port untouched, I connect the TXD to TX, RXD to RX and GND to GND respectively to arduino side with no pull up resistors. I power up the device from the onboard button of the eval usb board. I can sent AT commands successfully but I don’t receive anything on arduino’s serial port when I listen..
    I tested the module as I said first with usb cable with Teraterm (no arduino connections) and works absolutely fine. gprs, email, calls, sms. I need to find a solution please.
    Thanks in advance.

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