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  • Winner!!! (look at the picture).

  • I was at maker faire this weekend and at the maker shed there was an abundance of Netduinos but i held off of buying one there because the line was so long and i figured if they had them there they would have them on Sparkfun again but i guess not. is there an updated ETA?

  • Dave looks the best in the picture, if only his feet weren't slightly pointed down.
    Cool class guys.

  • That's Great! I wish i had someone to teach me about electronics, i pretty much taught myself everything and even though it was a while ago i vividly remember figuring out all of the ways to get burned by soldering, the hard way. Im still only 16 and i learn another way to accidentally hurt myself every day now.

  • Hey Blackrifle, i recently bought this soldering iron over the 70w one because of the price and for what im doing, which is just tinkering around with electronics this is exactly what i needed it heats up fast and keeps a good temp. and im happy i still have the extra money i didn't spend on the 70w one.

  • i got excited when i saw the picture from free day because i was in the hospital for the last one and was hoping it was going to happen again. :(

  • How many Watts is the soldering iron part of this?

  • If you guys need a 16 year old with an a ambition for electronics. Call me up.

  • Hey you guys should carry a good fume extractor because i've been wanting to do some indoor soldering. but i've been lazy and havent wanted to order off another website so if u guys stock one it would defiantly come in handy with this and i would get one.
    I could just do it anyway but i think its better i not breath in those fumes and grow a third arm.

  • Just wondering approximately how long does it take for this to heat up to a useable temperature? just wondering.

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