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  • It would be very helpful if the product description specified clearly : RPi included, or NOT included. The documentation and the ‘we have you covered’ are ambiguous.

  • I have to admit, I come to this site every Friday for the video. Its ok once in a while to do a write up when things are thin, but the video is more than just seeing the product. The demo’s and comments really make a difference. Oh and its completely OK to bring back old product and re-introduce us again. Sometimes we forget some of the cool things we havent seen in a while and now have a new application for.

  • I would think that putting a fuse inline would deal with the zero resistance concern. I second the interest in an SMD version of the kit.

  • Great tour. I wanted to know how LEDs were made. Now we know.


  • I will love him and keep him, and call him George.

  • I just got back to tell Engineering this new joke, and I suddenly went BLANK.

  • Cart was ready at 12:00, ordered, and it was lost by the time PayPal checked me out. WOW!

  • I have built a few of these as workbenches for my basement and garage. The 4x4 for legs is definitely a help. But adding adjustable feet to the legs might be enough. Even rubber feet might do. Floors are not as flat as we all think. Bracing with a diagonal will help, but for me, the floors are not level and putting on adjustable feet was the trick.

  • … and that’s how you make a ‘selfie’.

  • On other scrap boards, you kinda expect it to have problems or be incomplete. But when it says LCD, you do kinda expect there will be an LCD component. I read it a bunch of times, and know there were no promises, but where the main component for the board in question is missing, it might be helpful to be clear on that.

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