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  • The question I need to ask is: how much current do you need? Knowing your current requirements is crucial. I had done a shaker table amp years ago using a BGW (750) commercial sound amp panel, though that was rated 250W into 8 ohms, so "only" would have had 65 volt rails. A +-80 volt rail (audio power) amp would be 450W / 8 ohms: there are a few in this category. Or consider building your own high voltage amp around the LM4702, which is rated to +-100 volts with the right version. Be sure your heatsinking is adequate, and observe typical audio power amp grouding/feedback rules so you don't end up with a high power RF oscillator -- until it overheats and shorts out.

  • Assembled quick, like the dual frequency control pots for coarse/fine frequency control. Be aware: output has no DC blocking capacitor, so sine/triangle output has a 6 volt DC offset to ground. The ability to include one on the board (even if not supplied) would have been nice. Also, no series resistor in sine/triangle output so potential for chip damage if output shorted.

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