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  • I will send you the ini file later today. My wires are about 6 inches long. I use my random switch as follows. I’ll turn it on and leave it on through our band breaks to play the music randomly. If there is a song that comes on that I would like to skip, I press the stop button. When I release the stop button (my play switch is still on) it generally starts up another random song, but not always… as oulined in the original message. Also, with no interaction, just leaving the random switch on, sometimes after a track finishes, i will get nothing, as if it has stopped. If I press the stop button, it may start playing tracks again and sometimes I have to turn the switch off and on again.

  • I use my mp3 trigger to play recorded samples at intro’s, like the cash register intro on Pink Floyd’s Money. I have 3 triggers set to play tracks 1 to 3, then I have about 120 other songs on the card to play on breaks. Problem 1: No matter what I set the RAND setting, I still get track two playing in the random play set of songs. Problem 2: I can’t get the list of random mp3s to play consistently. I have a switch rigged to input 4 and have it set as random play. When I flip the switch, sometimes it plays, sometimes it doesn’t, and sometimes it starts playing in the middle of a random mp3. Problem 3: I have a momentary switch wired to input 18 and have it programmed as a stop. If random switch (input 4) is on, sometimes pressing the stop button will start a song, sometimes not. When it does, same problems as Problem 2.

  • Will my unit have the ability reprogram the triggers as the current manual states? BTW, thanks for your prompt answer!

  • I bought this thing about a year ago for experimentation and never got around to using it. I want to update the firmware but the page keeps showing an internal server error. I need to know the revision history to see if my unit (dated 10-2-1) will take the new firmware. Anybody have comments?

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