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  • Working for the company that I do we deal with this a lot especially since we deal with obsolete components. We had a presentation on the counterfeiting problem and they had a team that went to china and took photos of the counterfeiting operations. Basically what happens is all the E-waste gets shipped over to china. There is a specific town (don?t remember the name) that it?s pretty much all they do. They take all the components off of the PCBs and sort them by packages (DIP, SOT-23, QFP ect). They then sand/etch down all the markings. Next they give it to a guy that has a list of wanted parts and he marks them. It?s amazingly low tech the whole thing is. So basically you don?t have a clue as to what is in the package could be anything. It was interesting seeing all the pictures of people in the streets stripping down PCBs over a fire barrel. Real scary stuff, sadly most of them will have health complications from doing this but it?s the only way to make a buck there.

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