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I am an industrial designer

  • I was trying to use this to amplify the somo4d audio player but it hasn’t worked. I’m not sure if it can work. Does anyone have any advice?

  • I have been trying to use this amplifier with the somo ad4 audio player, with no luck. I was wondering if anyone has gotten this to work or if anyone knows if it can even work.

  • Would this work with the 3.3v somo14d audio module?

  • would this be safe or recommendable to use with a somo 14d sound module to control the volume of the audio in key mode.

  • Has anyone tried using ePIR motion detection sensors with this sound module to control it. I am trying to use both without a seperate micro controller like an arduino since they both come with some on board software. Any advice?

  • Would you recommend I use this with the Somo 4d sound module for connection to the 16-bit DAC/PWM audio output pin? If not can you recommend what I might use.

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