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Impressive Machines LLC

Member Since: April 7, 2018

Country: United States


Business owner innovating with all kinds of electronic products, typically embedded systems, cameras, signal and video processing, machine learning, linux, controlling various kinds of displays and coming up with novel interfaces between legacy and modern systems, We create various products and sell to interested distributors. Decades of experience with hardware and software development and more recently managing medium scale production runs in USA and China. We have a lot of new and fun products coming on line that would be of interest to Makers or people building prototype systems. robotbugs@instagram

  • I've been sourcing more and more stuff in china, and its good know how much of a wild west (east) it can be. However there's a couple of sensible ways to help prevent this. One is to focus purchases on business over there who really specialize in that area of electronics, don't buy them from some generalist guy who stocks every single thing. Also build a relationship with your suppliers. Because then if something happens they're more likely to apologize and comp you the money if you're doing on going business, and chase up how they ended up getting these fake products. And also get samples and start small. Don't go to a stranger and order 10,000 devices. And if you have good established relationship with a supplier in one area then ask them which other suppliers they consider are reliable.

  • This is exactly the difficulty engineers have with predicting product sales, and I've fallen for the same thing myself. When you've been soldering an constructing electronics your whole life things like soldering headers seem trivially easy and of course the customer can do that. I've been to some maker events where someone gets a bunch of people together to solder 100 boards with just through hole components, and I was able to build the boards five or six times as fast as most of the people also I was fixing supposedly finished boards to get rid of the obvious random shorts etc. So you have think about what a person with a lot of interest but an average skill set might be able to do. And I also see a lot of people coming from a software development background and they just want a no hassle way of putting together a bunch of modules to get some IoT device they can develop code on.

  • At the end of the section about PWM you state that "Just don’t forget to set the pin as an output before you use it for PWM." However the PWM functionality is not dependent on how the pin is configured through the GPIO interface as an input or output. The PWM system is a separate block of hardware and when it is routed to the pin by configuring the mode registers of the pin to enable "alternative function 5", the normal GPIO system (setting it as input or output) no longer has any effect on the pin's behavior.

    If you look for example at the Broadcom bcm2835 C library you can see that first thing they do is to set the pin alternative function register to disable GPIO and connect the PWM system. Further info can be found here: https://www.airspayce.com/mikem/bcm2835/index.html


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