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  • Glancing through the documentation, I don't see a refresh rate listed anywhere. Anyone with sharper eyes than I can spot this, or have experience?

  • Here's something to watch out for: The encryption key does truly need to be 16 bytes, per the comment in the source code. I didn't notice, and created a smaller key. Things worked great until I would change a few Serial.print statements, suddenly nothing worked. Finally realized the issue, and all is great after about 2 days of debugging. Was driving me crazy, I could change one character in my debug output, and it would stop working. Must have had to do with how my static data was stored in the uploaded binary. Fun stuff!

  • I've been having great luck with the Dev board until I hooked it up to the MAX31885k thermocouple board. Once I jumper the Chip Select line on the Max board to pin 15 on the Thing, I can no longer upload new code to the Thing. I notice in the MAX31855k documentation this warning:

    Warning: Even if you don't plan to use Dxx as the chip select pin, the Arduino SPI library will set it as an output anyway. If it ever becomes a low input the Arduino will turn into a SPI slave and cannot communicate with the MAX31855K.

    I suspect this is related. Any ideas on how to have an SPI device attached to the Thing and be able to upload code to it? Or am I missing something?

  • I've been playing around with this with the Netduino, and have successfully pulled data from both the gyro and accelerometer. Both require values written to key registers before they'll return data. I've put up some quick notes here.

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