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  • The death of Steve Jobs has taken it's toll on the Sparkfun employees. Some have found unusual ways to deal with the grief.

  • Just a note the Chracters link under the poster still points to Grid-2000px.jpg instead of grid-1900px.jpg
    BTW: this brightened my day. I enjoyed it. But why is Bob Hunke naked?....

  • Do I have to beat the clock to get the lump sum as well or do I get the option to take that credit no matter what?

  • The blue-green looked more like what is needed but the color will be off. Something clear but glows blue.

  • Is this Tron blue? You know we all want to know what color they used in Tron :) Some pics with them lit up would be great as well.

  • Its a raster. The opaque acrylic is rastered (is that a word?) in a negative relief to give it a different look. I use ponoko all the time. Its great. Also look up shapeways and spoonflower. Custom 3D printing and custom fabric printing respectively. I've actually started a business designed around custom manufacturing services like these still working on getting it off the ground but this is the future. Now all we need is a PCB printing/assembly service that is as easy to use as ponoko. I don't know anyone who could do that cough Sparkfun cough
    Jonathan Bowen

  • Just got an Ipad and it will not charge from most USB ports but trickle charges from some more powerful ones. Does anyone know if the Ipad tests the available amps of the circuit before trying to charge or is it some kind of identification system? (i.e. resistors) I just don't want to blow a usb port. I do have a car adapter for my phone and it should work so I might just buy it and test it out. I just want to keep the ipad charged for long road trips.

  • Does this items retain it programmed sequence after power is removed or can I program it and leave it then the sequence runs whenever it is powered up again?

  • The chips could be anything really. Whats stopping them from grabbing any old run of ICs in that package and etching new fake numbers on them. Some kid could have found a few thousand tossed in a dumpster outside a china fab house that didn't get stamped then pay his cousin to sneak in and stamp them like the chips he makes every day anyway.

  • So I'll give away my cool idea because I live to far away to compete. Make a robot that can jump from one side of the table to another in a single jump and land on that circle :) all the other bot has to do is move and boom you win. Well easier said then done for sure but that was my funny thought when I saw this. I wish I could compete. Sparkfun needs to open an office in Florida....