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I started playing with electronics in the mid-1960s, and with computers shortly after Neil Armstrong took “one small step”. I got a degree in CS in 1980, and started working then as an engineer.

  • Typo alert:

    The old version of the combinator is currently still available and one sale!

    ONE sale??? Shouldn’t that be ON sale?

    And since I’m typing a comment, one from about 45 years ago seems appropriate: “Heavy, man!”

  • Have you tried sending Avia Semiconductor an e-mail and asking them who their U.S. Distributors and/or Reps are? (There are a number of U.S. companies that act as “factory reps” for various manufacturers – my experience is that they’ll be glad to answer “where can I get” questions for companies on their line-card, especially if they know you’re trying to incorporate it into a “product”.)

    Google turned up that the English web page for Avia Semiconductor is

    Also, depending on the quantity you’re looking for, you might try asking the “volume sales” at SparkFun – it seems to me that they might be willing to sell you some (at a mark-up from what they pay, of course). The worst they can do is say “no”! (Remember, there’s an old Indian saying “If you don’t ask, you don’t get!” The old Indian who said it was named Gandhi.)

  • Yea! Looks like I finally scored on one of these “limited quantity” deals! :-)

    Now I just have to wait to see what I actually bought for a penny!

  • Wow! Sounds like you’re a really cool Mom! My 11th b'day was more than half a century ago, but I still envy your kid!

  • Off hand, I don’t know if the RockBLOCK “receives” the position data. (The “datasheet” doesn’t mention it.)

  • Happened to think that you can also get position data out of Iridium, though they don’t talk about it much anymore. Back when Motorola was in charge, they had people assigned to do daily updates on where the international borders were – they sometimes changed since the day before because of wars – and different countries had different rules about using the phones.

  • I hope nobody decides to try for the “no GPS” by using a GLONASS receiver instead! (It appears that the EU’s Galileo isn’t yet operational, and that China’s BeiDou doesn’t yet cover Colorado, so they can be ignored.)

  • I will admit that it can be a bit difficult to print, and is NOT suitable for many things, but there are things which are totally inappropriate for ridgid plastics. See, for instance, sewable 5mm LED mounts which would not work with ABS or PLA.

    I also just remembered a point that was missed in the video: the smell from the various filaments while printing. PLA (usually) doesn’t smell too bad, but my experience with ABS is that it can vary quite a bit by “brand” – the most obnoxious I’ve used being a roll of “natural” color that I got at the Fry’s Electronics on Baseline in Phoenix.

    BTW, I seem to recall looking at your offering of NinjaFlex right after I got my printer, but as it was only available in 3mm, and my printer will only do 1.75mm, it was of no use to me, so I got mine from Adafruit.

  • (This seemed disjunct enough to make it better as separate from my other comment.) On the subject of MyoWare, it seems to me (as the proverbial “casual observer”) that an obvious shield would be a BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) to be able to “log” data gathered…

  • Interesting video on the filaments. If you carried them in 1.75mm, it would make having an order “ready-to-go” for “nearly free” day very easy.

    While on the subject of filaments, I’d also advocate for some of the “flexible” ones. “FlexiFil” seems to be popular in Europe but is more difficult to get here in the U.S., so being able to get it from SparkFun would be nice. (Adafruit carries NinjaFlex, as do several other U.S. suppliers, so it’s fairly easy to get.)

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