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I started playing with electronics in the mid-1960s, and with computers shortly after Neil Armstrong took “one small step”. I got a degree in CS in 1980, and started working then as an engineer.

  • Well, FWIW, when I looked on the FedEx website to check on the progress of my package, they were reporting that it should arrive today rather than Tuesday. When I went to fetch in the snail-mail, it included a (familiar) red box! (Too bad there were also bills…) At least USPS has “Saturday delivery” as standard!

  • When you’re “retired”, a “holiday” just means you have to wait an extra day for your Sarkfun order, or wait longer for the Doctor appointment to get your cast off, or …

  • Hmm… it might could stir up some “interest” in the BDSM crowd… though methinks that Harbor Freight might be the big beneficiary… BTW, don’t forget to peruse the “free with any purchase” HF coupons before buying your fly swatter – the DVMs are well worth $0.00, and frankly fill more than 95% of my DVM usage – or another pair of scissors can be handy – or …

  • Just a thought: Rig a way for the server[s] to talk to Phant, and keep a long-term high score, or maybe a “distributed” high score – maybe even a “world competition”.

  • My “vacuum food saver” (around 25 years old) uses bags that on at least one side are “corrugated” (to allow at least tiny passages for air). While this may not be a problem in many cases, there might be some times when it would be objectionable.

    When I first got this machine, my (now ex-)wife packed a lunch for me, and vacuum-packed the sandwich – it came out thoroughly squished… she hadn’t thought it through.

  • When I first started with computers (shortly after Neil Armstrong took his “one small step”), the going price for RAM was $2 PER BYTE – which would have meant that a Pi3 would have cost >$2 BILLION. Some folks would complain about being hung with a new rope! (FYI, a new rope stretches too much to hang someone… so they always used an old, already stretched one.)

  • Check out PID 1459 over at Adafruit.

  • My first thought on reading this was “what about COLD laminating pouches”? My laminator (purchased maybe 5 or 8 years ago at Costco) came with an assortment of both cold and hot pouches. The machine has a switch for which type you’re [ab]using.

    My next thought was “circuits using copper tape”…

    Too bad the “soft pots” are as pricey as they are. Unfortunately, making a (customized) keyboard with them is likely to be as, or more, expensive than buying a more conventional standard one (especially at someplace like Big Lots), or maybe “recycling” one from the likes of Goodwill.

  • Seems to me that Lockheed Martin, the FDA, the Air Force and the Smithsonian should feel honored to be there with the likes of SparkFun…

  • I should add that there are “managers” who view SparkFun (and others) as being places that (WRONGLY) can’t possibly supply goods of high enough quality to allow orders from their companies, but they won’t bat an eyelash at approving an order to DigiKey.

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