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I started playing with electronics in the mid-1960s, and with computers shortly after Neil Armstrong took “one small step”. I got a degree in CS in 1980, and started working then as an engineer.

  • The downside of this is that you may be getting “hints” as to WHY someone hasn’t placed an order, and it may be a “easily correctable” thing – like “gee, you carry xxx3, but I need to get ahold of some xxx4 and xxx5”. I’d say you really want to allow “never bought anything”.

  • On several occasions (seems like it usually happens on weekends) I see “spams” in the comments, and click the “report” button. I presume that in the followup on that, a human looks at it. (IMHO, a “thanks for reporting the spam” e-mail would be a nice gesture.) When I look a few hours later, the spam is always gone.

  • Actually, it’s not so much the fans but the team that has a habit of beating the D'backs when the D'backs need a win, and they’re in our division. I’m fine with Yankees, as long as we play only 4 to 7 post season games, and the D'backs are ahead in the last inning. :-) ;-) :-)

  • Glad to see you’ve made the move from the “national swamp” (DC) to much closer to God’s Country (Arizona, IMHO). At least you’re not a Rockies fan! :-) (I’m a Diamondbacks fan, BTW.) As a customer, and a semi-retired engineer (software and electronics), I’m sure you’ll find out why the name of the company has “Fun” in it! Maybe we’ll get to meet sometime, if I can ever get to the Boulder area during business hours.

  • Hmm… I guess I could add a float valve and a connection to the water line to the upper “flower pot”… I have trouble remembering to water cactii often enough to keep them alive. Guess I’m just not interested enough in plants to bother with it.

  • I tend to put my (more-or-less) temporary projects (sometimes “temporary” is measured in decades) into plastic “pencil boxes” that turn up in the stores about this time of year in the “back to school” specials. I’m especially fond of the ones that are all transparent, as that way I can see indicator LEDs through the box. (I’ve built a couple that needed to be “portable”, such as the one that tests RF link range – I have it set up to send a massage to a “fixed unit”, which reverses the bytes and sends it back, and the portable one then turns on LEDs indicating success or failure.)

    I got started using these boxes a few years ago when I needed a signal source for an oscilloscope demo – I had a BASIC Stamp lying about not doing anything useful, so I programmed it up to provide a couple of pulses, and needed something inexpensive to house it, and spotted the pencil boxes during a visit to the pharmacy.

  • Now that you mention it, FireFox will show me (decoding the URL) “6353 Dry Creek Parkway, Niwot, CO 80503”, which is what I need to put into my car’s GPS.

    Making the info easy to find (maybe “Retail Emporium”, either at the bottom, or maybe under “About Us”) with that info would be nice.

  • Wish you’d have some practical info about the Retail Space somewhere (logical) on the web site – like street address (for the friendly GPS) and the hours of operation.

  • “Gotta get this robot to STOP eating the barriers!” he mumbles under his breath…

  • Well, I guess one way to avoid the light glitch in the sign is to leave it turned off.

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