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I started playing with electronics in the mid-1960s, and with computers shortly after Neil Armstrong took “one small step”. I got a degree in CS in 1980, and started working then as an engineer.

  • Well, I guess one way to avoid the light glitch in the sign is to leave it turned off.

  • My first comment is that I just looked at the manual for the SIK. I’d suggest a bit better ending than the existing “Learning More” page – spell out a bit more than just visiting the SparkFun website, though include mention of it.

    Next comment is that I’ve been tinkering with electronics since the mid-to-late 1960s, and one of the primary references I’ve used is the ARRL Handbook (the ARRL - American Radio Relay League is the national “ham” radio club). It is published every year, but frankly, I’d only buy a new one every three to five years, but keep the old ones, as they sometimes “delete” useful info!

    The last comment that I have (or at least have time to type in at the moment) is that I have so many encounters with “beginners” that I put together my own website www.ki7tu.com as a “repository” for “wisdom” (and, admittedly, some “wisDUMB”) I’ve accumulated these nearly 50 years.

  • Nate,

    I think building SparkFun has been your greatest project, and that we’ve all benefited a LOT from your doing that! Thanks!

    Had it been a dozen years ago, I might have been tempted to apply for the position, but I, too, am getting too old for this sort of thing. I don’t have anyone in mind off hand (at least who’s available) that I would suggest, but I can sure think of a lot of folks I’d say a loud “NO!” to (though they might make a lot more money, they’d not serve the community the way you have). As long as you find someone who’s focus is (and will be) on the needs of the customers, you should do fine.

  • You mention “If there’s an event going on and SparkFun’s in your neighborhood, I highly recommend coming to check it out!”. IMHO, it would really help if you were to have something obvious on the home page that would list upcoming events. I sometimes don’t hear about all the events in my area, plus I could also check it when I’m going to be traveling to see if there’s anything near where I’ll be. (For example, I live in AZ, but last year it turned out to be convenient for me to go to a Mini Maker Faire in Cape Cod, MA.)

    BTW, I’m glad to hear about the retail space. I’m hoping to stop by this fall when I’m in CO. Sounds like fun!

  • My kitty is jealous of the dogs getting treats.

  • I’ve sometimes thought that I’d like to have one that was basically “hey, you can do what you want with it, but you should (got to?) let me know you’re using it”. Knowing that others are using my work can encourage me to produce more (rather than just sit here playing games, working Sudoku, watching TV, etc.).

  • Sure wish I could be there!

  • The SD card has to be capable of operating at the minimum speed for it’s class (it’s welcome to be able to operate at a higher speed, but likely the manufacturer would give it a higher class rating if it is capable of operating at the next class’s speed). Therefore, the class speed is the maximum that it’s safe for the computer to try to access the device.

    So i’t one of those cases where you’re both right.

  • If you’re going to just use the LEDs for “decoration”, I’d suggest that you look at the NeoPixel or DotStar RGB “addressable” LEDs, especially since you’re talking about an Arduino to run them. In my experience, the NeoPixels are bright, and using the Adafruit library they’re easy to program. I’ve not yet tried the DotStars, as they’re not (yet) available in the “form factors” I want for my projects, but I expect that’s a temporary issue.

  • Today it’s showing up in the Recommended Products. I’d checked about 1:00 AM (MST, not MDT – I’m in AZ) and it wasn’t, but now, at about 11:00 AM, it is.

    Thanks for the image, too, though I would have appreciated showing it being slipped in during the video.

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