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I started playing with electronics in the mid-1960s, and with computers shortly after Neil Armstrong took “one small step”. I got a degree in CS in 1980, and started working then as an engineer.

  • It’s not really obvious from perusing the “Hookup Guide” – can I assign the Thing a fixed IP address? (The WiFi here does NOT have DHCP running.)

  • Hey, where’s the link to the hallway data that Shawn promised in the video?

    Also, are you guys going to be closed on Monday for Memorial Day? (Adafruit is mentioning it on their web site, which is what reminded me.)

  • Hmm… back in the early 90’s, Popular Electronics published a PEEL (Programmable Electrically Erasable Logic device) programmer. I bought the kit, and built it up. I’d just taken a class in C++ at work (we were starting to transition from C to C++), and as a “toy” program in that class we’d built a simple traffic light controller program – maybe 60 lines of code. I decided to “simulate” this program in hardware, and programmed up a PEEL to control 6 LEDs, and used a 555 timer to generate a clock signal. It was really pretty silly, but it really felt like a major accomplishment when I got it to work! (BTW, the software for the programmer ran under MS-DOS.)

    Too bad I have so many projects already, and don’t have the time to tinker with the Mojo!

  • A handgun. (If you actually chambered a round and fired it, likely the SAFEST place to be would be the target.)

  • Thank you for posting the link!

    I always read the instructions that come with a newly acquired thing, because I’ve had to write so many such documents that I’ll do the author the courtesy of reading what they have to say. But I always reserve the right to actually do it my way.

    Although in today’s world of “social media” there’s a tendency to criticize on-line, it can be more constructive for us, as consumers of the documentation to make the effort to get our constructive criticisms back to the author (if we can track down an e-mail address to do it “privately”, it can be more effective). It’s very easy, as an author, to miss problems in our documents when we know the subject too well.

  • The Hacking Militia

  • OK, now that things have been quiet on the “Girl Friend front” for a while, I’ve had time to dig though the documentation a bit. Although there is a hopeful sign of having a space for a 32.716 kHz XTAL on the PCB, upon further investigation it appears that implementing an actual RTCC would be “software”, meaning that this Cypress chip doesn’t have a hardware RTCC that can run off a watch battery.

    Of the ideas that cross my mind to build with a sub-$50 board, at least 95% of them require a battery-backed RTCC. Having to add an RTCC to any form of “shield” usually kills the idea.

  • I like the idea that there are acoustic tiles around the set, but frankly, I liked the appearance of the red boxes in the background of the old set! BTW, what’s with the lower right light in the Sparkfun sign? It sometimes seems to not get to the “current” color until the ones on the other end have already started to change to the next color!

    The GF is wanting me, so I don’t have time to check the FreeSoC2 page to see if there’s a RTCC included…

  • The obvious (at least to me) title would have been “The Sparks are flying…”

    OK, sorry, I couldn’t resist.

    I’ve been through several corporate “rebrands”. It’s really scary the first time – but unfortunately some [usually overpaid, IMHO] executives become enamored with doing it and it becomes their “go-to” strategy for generating some hype. (One company I worked for had at least 6 different names in the 21 years I worked for them, including at least 3 in about a 3 year period. We joked that they should buy one of the then-new LED signs and assign one of the secretaries to type in today’s name every morning.)

  • What? You guys don’t trust the NSA “basement computer” (aka “the cloud”)? Gee… :-) ;-) :-)

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