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I started playing with electronics in the mid-1960s, and with computers shortly after Neil Armstrong took "one small step". I got a degree in CS in 1980, and started working then as an engineer.

  • One of the things I REALLY like about the more recent Teensy's (3.5 and later) is that they have a built-in true Real Time Clock that can be powered by a separate battery!

  • I'd be a bit nervous about a 3D printed enclosure being water tight. I would at least give it a good long test -- maybe put something waterproof that's heavy enough so that the enclosure with it in it won't float, and put it in a bowl (or bucket) of water over night and then check for infiltration. (Wrapping the weight in a facial tissue before the test could help with detecting leakage.)

  • I trust that this does NOT mean that I can't have other stuff, so that the total is over $75, in the same order and get free shipping...

    Orders utilizing promo codes cannot be combined with other orders for shipping.

  • OFF TOPIC (sort of): I had to laugh at this: I was in. Costco this afternoon, and saw great big Costco-sized boxes of Lego blocks, and noticed that the "Age Range" said "4-99". Hmm...

  • Great project! Thanks for posting!

    One thought on a way to improve it, without adding any hardware, is to count the number of "minutes" that the photocell indicates "full daylight", so that you have an idea of how much charge the battery has gotten. Then decrement the count when the LEDs are on, and if it gets below a certain value, decrease the brightness of the LEDs (and the frequency of decrementing the count). This could be used to help assure that the light is available, even after a run of cloudy days.

  • Quick update: Was in the aforementioned AZ Walmart on Wednesday, and decided to "splurge" and buy 6 more crayon boxes. Was pleasantly surprised when I checked out and they'd been reduced to $0.50 each! Today I decided to stop by another Walmart, and though I didn't find any more clear crayon boxes, they did have the "Stackable" style "Slim Supply Box" (i.e., a pencil box) marked down to $1.00 (from $1.88). They'll easily fit a full-sized solderless breadboard, though with not a lot of vertical clearance (so you might have to mash down some of the jumper wires). I went through maybe 1/3 of there stock, and got a half dozen clear ones.

  • Walmart is selling plastic "crayon boxes" for $1 a pop (at least in the stores I've checked in AZ and CT). They are a great size for small projects, such as one on a "half size" breadboards (though there's not a lot of vertical clearance), or an Arduino Uno. A Raspberry Pi Model B will also fit, though you'll have to do a LOT of "surgery" to get to all of the connectors.

    BTW, in the two stores I checked, the temporary "school supplies" section had great piles of them tinted in various colors. In the AZ store, I had time to go back into the permanent "office supplies" section, and found a few completely clear ones.

  • Drat... they're all gone! Sure hope this one makes it to a "regular" product!

  • And, if you don't want it riding around in the car, you could substitute a "human presence sensor" (e.g., motion sensor or range sensor) for the accellerometer and have some fun with it on Oct.31... ;-)

  • Great video! I especially liked the "twin" talking about the driver -- that was cute!

    I envy the kids today that have these sort of "learning toys" available. They're so much better than what I had back in the mid-60s. (BTW, I grew up as a "crippled child", unable to walk until about age 15. I'm now retired from a successful career in electronics and computers.)

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