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  • You can read in the datasheet that the resolution can be better : "The resolution of the DS18B20 is configurable (9, 10, 11, or 12 bits), with 12-bit readings the factory default state. This equates to a temperature resolution of 0.5°C, 0.25°C, 0.125°C, or 0.0625°C." The 12 bits needs 750ms to be done... but it's ok for me.

  • There was an photo of the final result of a shirt in a past news, can it be added to the preview shots on this product ?

    And how to wash the shirt if electronic's sewed on it ^^ ? Could it be sewed on velcro hooks instead, and patch it on another velcro loops on the shirt ? ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Velcro ) I guess it might be sewed to anything... good idea !

  • I think you forgot the pin 7 to wake up the module. (SLEEP MODE = pin 7 to GND or unconnected)

  • Exactly the same behavior here.
    I've a 3v3 Arm processor, i purchased this sensor because of specifications notice "if you bypass the regulator, it can work with 3v3"..
    Unfortunately, i tried to bypass and use the 3v3 arduino power to test it and it's always flapping.
    I tried with the 5v through the sensor's regulator and it's flapping too...
    I tried with a 9v battery, and it becomes quite accurate (the multimeter show the LOW state when i move my hand in front of the sensor).
    I don't have a 12v supply, but i'll think about it...
    I checked the voltage on the regulator and it's really always 3v3, why can't it work with a direct 3v3 behind the regulator ? And why does it work when the regulator supply 3v3 from 9v, and not 5v ?

  • Nobody has any bad or good informations to give about this product ?
    This seems to be awesome !

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