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20 years of Internet Technologies; advanced in all core protocols and original applications published. I have no formal training in electronics or hardware programming. I am a hobbyist at best and know very little about working with electronics or the code used to control them. I know that the Input is Vcc and the Output is GND, but where, when and for what to add a resistor, transistor or other - is all guess work for me.

  • I’ve have yet to get this to work correctly, but I’ve learned that this requires a level converter to step down from 5v to 3.3v on the I/O pins. The Si4735 Arduino Shield uses a Hex H2L Level Shifter to do this. I’ve bought the shield, but, it has too many issues for what I want to do with it, so I’m getting this instead. Sparkfun has an available logic converter: BOB-08745 ($1.95) There is also a quicker/robust converter available: BOB-10403 ($6.95) I’m using the modified (and much more telling) Arduino library of CSDexter which I also recommend. Hopefully I’ll get this to work at which point I will share a pin-2-pin description. Until then, maybe Sparkfun could enlighten us? ;)

  • Definitely user-error. No level converter to drop to the 3.3v. I assumed it would use the 3.3v pin on the card. Bleh!

    But your library rocks! Sparkfun should test a version and change the library link on the product page to use yours.

    Very impressive work and many thanks for your much needed contribution!

  • Working with the Duemilanove, the library does not return from waitForInterrupt. It could be an isolated case (just me), but I haven’t been able to get it to work. I’ll contact you over email.

  • I found out that Home Depot links require a store ID, a language ID and a catalog ID. If you don’t have it in cache or cookie it will error:
    You should be able to get to it here:

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