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  • See the first few minutes he talks about securing the belt level to the rails. Might work for you as well..

  • Thank you Mike, I have seen that sketch before, but since Pro Micro is not exactly Arduino (since it uses built-in USB instead of serial), I wasn't if that sketch can be used without any changes. I am getting my Micro today, probably I will try it out.

  • Placed order, shipped.. waiting now. Quick question, can this be used a ISP programmer with a suitable sketch? sorry if its a noob question, I am coming from ISP mkII region, and new to Arduino let alone Pro Micro.

  • Nate is saying he plans to use SPOT for space balloon projects, not that SPOT was designed for that purpose. In space balloon area, spot can be used to transmit balloons position once it hits ground, so altitude limit is not applicable.

  • true, You need to keep updating these buying guides up to date. They way SF is growing and adding new stuff these can become stale very easily.

  • Can I get this and cut the trace for the regulator, and still use the 16MHz with 3.3v?

  • Regulator datasheet: Absolute Maximum Ratings(1) Supply Input Voltage (VIN)..................–20V to +20V

    The way the regulator is setup in 5V board makes the input raw voltage to be applied to both input and output of the regulator, and thus above 12V the regulator just dies.

  • Have a look at this article:
    In that case it was SD card instead of AVR. If you read his story (he has on the ground experience in China) it look slike the same fab house assembly lines are used to produce these counterfeit chips only with cheap materials.

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